Stinson Studios
Stinson Studios Makes some of the most gorgeous handcrafted wood bowls and whiskey tumblers in the world.
The Challenge
Stinson Studios came to Wing Studios to create images of their whiskey tumblers that would not only showcase the beauty of the product but set a tone that would resonate with the products target audience and document the process and work that goes into making such a unique product.
The Solution
Stinson Studios is a small rustic workshop filled with character and history. When photographing the process and product it was important to blend the rustic nature of the setting with the luxury and quality of the finished product. By blending natural and artificial light we are able to control the balance between the rustic natural setting and the showcased product. This puts emphasis on the product and ensures that its features are prominently displayed while using the natural backdrop of the wood shop.

When shooting the product in the shop the lighting was treated as it would be with any other luxury item. Keeping the light focused on the product captivates the viewer and draws their eye directly to the focal point. Using subdued lighting on the background makes it secondary to the product but shows enough detail and context to complement the product within the scene.
The Outcome
After this project Stinson Studios used the images to market the project and utilized them at a trade-show where they sold out of the tumblers they brought for the show. Since using these images they have had a hard time keeping the product in stock from the outpouring of interest. 
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